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Why Supercomputers Are A Vital Tool In The Fight Against COVID-19 | Forbes

Sunny Obinna
Published on 21 Apr 2020 / In Technology

There are already signs that supercomputers can be important tools in the battle against COVID-19. In a blog post about the new consortium, Dario Gil, the director of IBM Research, referred to work that teams from Oak Ridge and the University of Tennessee had already undertaken using Summit. They used it to screen 8,000 compounds and identified 77 promising ones that might be able to bind to the “spike” protein of the coronavirus, impeding its ability to infect host cells. On April 6 the consortium said it had already matched 15 research proposals with compute power available on the consortium’s machines.

Computing is stepping up to the fight in other ways too. Some researchers are crowdsourcing computing power to try to better understand the dynamics of the protein and a dataset of 29,000 research papers has been made available to researchers leveraging artificial intelligence and other approaches to help tackle the virus. IBM has launched a global coding challenge that includes a focus on COVID-19 and Amazon has said it will invest $20 million to help speed up coronavirus testing.

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