iPhone 11 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10 - Which is the REAL Pro?!

Sunny Obinna
Published on 06 Oct 2019 / In Technology

To call a product - Pro, a company is implicitly saying that its device is made for professionals. An ideal solution to help you get certain things done, better than you could with others. Thing is, if you've spent the last few years with an iPad Pro, you'll know that Apple's definition of Pro seems to vary. Originally it was the Apple Pencil which separated the Pro from the amateur - a direct bow to the Samsung Galaxy Note that kept believing in a feature that Steve Jobs once mocked. The irony is that Samsung has never called its Note a Pro, even if it advertises it as made for professionals, so I guess there's only one way to know which one is the right kind of Pro for you. I'm Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow and this is iPhone 11 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

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