How The FBI Caught The Most Wanted Hacker In History

Sunny Obinna
Published on 20 Apr 2020 / In Technology

The FBI handles cybersecurity around the United States and has recently finally caught the worlds most notorious criminal in the hacking world. This is how they did it

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Kevin Mitnick was a different kind of criminal.

To this day, he’s considered one of the most wanted hackers of all time. He toyed with society and governments, stole from companies like IBM, rode the busses for free, intercepted phone calls, and manipulated McDonald’s drive-thru speakers just for a bit of fun.

But he never hacked for money, nor did anything malicious with the sensitive date he uncovered. That’s why the FBI wanted to find him, so they could bring him over to their side.

How many hacking tricks did he pull? And did the FBI finally catch him? Let’s find out.

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