TOBi – “City Blues”
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Produced By: Edward T Liguori
Cinematography By: Craig Calamis
Edited by: Chris Valori

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It’s hard chilling with niggas who only talk about bitches and never bout business
Misogynistic till they sisters get involved
Then it’s vengeance in the name of feminism of course
Bragging about who they piped down on highschool fool
What about right now?
Ouu you wanna fight clown
Want me to put the mic down
And leave me Mike Brown, light brown soaked in the concrete
Just beyond God’s reach
So tell me what’s next
Boys in blue paint the town red from all the bloodshed
Still interrogating myself
Tell me how do crocodile tears fall from dry Wells
You can’t confuse fedora boy for a suspect
The pen was the murder weapon
The muse the Weeping Woman
Still tryna paint Picasso circa 1937 it’s true
I’m just paying my dues and my dudes
You out preeing my moves
I’m confused on my own two and keep singing these

Manchester City Blues
Drown my liver in a pool of liquor it’s true

Monetize my pain (and my hurt)
Commodify my frame (do ya work)
Modify my name (just the first)
To fit in this lil game

Verse 2
Mama working like there was two of her
Can’t let this muthafucking 9-5, 10-8 ruin her
Meanwhile I’m jumping thru the hoops of dodging daily news and being in groups with young dudes who loving tough
Now she stressing and thinking her baby doing drugs
A lil weed but I might as well have been shooting up
Aim for goals so high they got me shooting up
But chasing dreams ain’t for kids who got no time for looking up to the stars with leaks all in the ceiling plus..
I was chilling just tryna make me a killing bruh
I remember Young Tony tales from the hood
I remembered teachers never had my name understood, look
Ain’t with the back and forth like racquetball or basketball nah
You doing her bad she put you on blast like a Kalashnikov ah
All nighters for med school tryna crash the course
Same minute I’m medded up on all the Adderall
Iiiii look in the past and think of the battle scars
Thinking of picking my bags and taking a trip to California AAA
That’s why I look in the mirror like I’m the fucking man
Cuz the younger me would probably be a fucking fan
Look who the boy became and I’mma hit the Damn MJ Michael Jackson thriller dance
Milly rocking either hand
Diddy boppin Sweeterman
Trending topic neither I don’t give a damn I just wanna see the fam
winning off my

Manchester City Blues
Drown my liver in a pool of liquor it’s true..

Music video by TOBi performing City Blues. (C) 2019 Same Plate/Sony Music Entertainment

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