These days, professional athletes seem to make as much money from brand endorsements as they do from their salaries. Athletes are influencers, and their fans will listen to whatever they say. Cristiano Ronaldo’s reach is so great that he’s the number one followed account on Instagram. From posting ads to wearing certain brands exclusively, these star athletes will do anything to make some extra money on the side. But it almost seems unfair to refer to these endorsements as a side hustle, as some of these contracts are worth up to $1 billion! Colin Kaepernick’s involvement in Nike’s 2018 “Just Do It” campaign is reportedly worth millions of dollars; and he wasn’t even an active NFL player when he signed the deal. Naomi Osaka was offered an $8.5 million contract with Adidas, which is the biggest deal that they’ve ever made with a female athlete. For decades, female athletes have been paid way less than their male counterparts, but this deal is proof that things are changing. From Tiger Woods to LeBron James to Neymar, watch this video to learn about the most lucrative brand endorsements around.