Dealing with bullies seems to be a rite of passage that we all have to go through. We don’t think there’s anyone out there that’s immune to bullying. Celebrities are just as human as the rest of us, even if we tend to forget that fact. They have wants, needs, and personal experiences that we can all relate to. We also forget that celebrities had normal lives before they became famous. What is really interesting is that some of the most famous celebrities were bullied in their childhood and teen years. It seems that becoming famous was the ultimate way for them to tell the bullies that they won. On that same note, if you’re someone who likes to bully others, you might want to think twice about your actions. You never know who might become famous these days. While it’s hard to tell who bullied these celebrities in the past, you can bet that they probably feel rather foolish today. Make sure to watch this video to see which celebrities got the last laugh.