Ranking of the best open world games you can play on your Android smartphones and tablets. These are the top-rated open world titles available on the Google Play Store.

ARK: Survival Evolved http://wtp.cool/Lnl4O

Crashlands https://wtp.cool/0mWUk

Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition http://wtp.cool/9FWO6

Farming Simulator 18 http://wtp.cool/pxSIV

Goat Simulator http://wtp.cool/FaTPc

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas http://wtp.cool/qD20i

Growtopia http://wtp.cool/UrPEY

GTA: Chinatown Wars http://wtp.cool/OXxg7

Minecraft: Pocket Edition http://wtp.cool/T6J7W

Order & Chaos 2: Redemption http://wtp.cool/afASD

Ravensword: Shadowlands 3d RPG http://wtp.cool/1Pote

SimplePlanes http://wtp.cool/XsBYh

Sorcery! 3 https://wtp.cool/sF1HL

Terraria http://wtp.cool/9Cx72

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 https://wtp.cool/j1xlt