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Reason why an iPhone owner should be very careful.

The iPhones of course are luxurious pieces, anyone holding one can be at risk of being attacked by robbers because it’s worth so much when sold, so please everyone flaunting the new iPhones should be very careful.

Most People who end up buying this iPhones don’t use up to 10% of the phones capabilities. It’s mostly a way most people use to stay updated with the trend and iPhone lifestyle. Not bad but please be careful because you might not know what your asking for.

According to a report I just read, three men wearing hoodies broke into a UPS truck parked outside an Apple Store in San Francisco and stole over 300 iPhone X devices, with a total value of about $370,000.

What you think? Beware of the minors. Stay safe while you flaunt this beautiful piece of technology.

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