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#Kanye might be starting his own music streaming company.

Kanye West requested a trademark at the top of Nov. 2017, for a company called “Yeezy Sound.” The trademark would include rights to the “streaming of music, audio, images, video, and other multimedia content, over the Internet,” according to The Blast.
If the papers are legitimate, this could be huge news for the culture. It also means possible competition for JAY-Z. As previously reported, Kanye and Jay’s streaming company, Tidal, have been at odds ever since West filed a lawsuit, claiming the company owed him $3.5 million in unpaid advances and bonuses. And not only have Kanye and Tidal been at war, but the Chicago native and Hov also haven’t been on speaking terms since Kanye’s rant back in 2016.
Source: billboard

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