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How to save videos from your laptop to your iPhone camera roll

Are you looking for a way to transfer videos and photos from your PC to your camera roll and share it to your social media?

If you already tried syncing with the iTunes photos and videos it will only take the videos to the new TV app that comes with the iPhone but you can’t share it to social medias like Facebook and Instagram.

So this is what i did, i used a third party app called Documents, you can find it in your app store. After downloading the app on my iPhone, i connected  back to my MacBook PC iTunes like i wanted to sync but this time i went to file sharing.

click on file sharing you will see a list of apps on your iPhone at the right corner of your screen, select and click on the Documents app that you just downloaded, here it will give you an option to copy files from your laptop to the Documents app.

After copying the files i wanted, i had them all saved in the documents app in my iPhone and ready to use. You can now decide to copy or move them to your camera roll or share directly to Instagram or Facebook. Although the Instagram sharing wasn’t enabled at first but its easy to add more apps to share with. Just go to more and add Instagram and your good to go.

This is how i did it and it worked perfectly for me, Until then we hope that apple can solve this issue by making this readily available with getting your photos and videos to your iPhone camera roll for sharing to Social medias like Facebook & Instagram without using a thirdparty app. Thanks for reading and i hope you find this helpful. Share your thoughts in the comment section below & don’t forget to share with your friends on social media.


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