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Cardi B’s nude videos leaked online by Hackers

Cardi B may have gotten an unwelcome surprise over the holiday weekend thanks to some hackers, but she’s not letting them get away without a fight.

You would think people would know not to mess with Cardi B by now.

Cardi B had an incredible 2017 thanks to her breakout hit ‘Bodak Yellow’ and winning over new fans with her charming personality. Last Friday, Cardi B dropped her new single “Bartier Cardi”, but that wasn’t the only thing that hit the web on Friday. Some hackers were able to get into the iCloud account of her fiancé, Offset and leaked some personal videos. Many of the videos were of Cardi dancing nude and there were rumors circulating of a possible sex tape. Her lawyer, Scott Mason explained to TMZ that the videos released were illegally obtained and that the team will be conducting a full investigation to determine who’s responsible for the leak. Cardi responded in her own way on Christmas day by tweeting QUOTE, “People keep posting the nude videos of me like if i wasn’t a stripper before You know there’s videos of me stripping with my titties & ass out on YouTube already right?anyways i know i know i got a nice body right”

Cardi and Offset also took to Instagram Live yesterday and had many people freaking out because they thought that Cardi and Offset were actually having sex on Instagram Live. Cardi’s rep told TMZ that the “sex video” isn’t real … it was all a joke. Cardi also took to her Insta Story writing, “I was fully clothes on live, I was not f–kin on live! Yaaa can’t be that slow.”

Well there you have it! Cardi is definitely not bothered by all of this because she has a team to do it for her, but I’m not surprised considering she did say in Bodak Yellow, “I don’t bother with these hos, don’t let these hos bother me.” Regardless, hopefully Cardi’s lawyer and his team successfully catch these hackers because no one deserves to have their privacy invaded in that way.

Alright guys now I wanna hear what you think! Do you like how Cardi B has responded to the hack? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below, and then click here see the Worst Celeb Photoshop fails of 2017. Don’t forget to click that subscribe button! Thanks so much for joining me on News Feed, I’m your host Emile Ennis Jr, and I’ll see you soon!

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